Which are the "three most" of computer spring machines?

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What are the "three most" of the computer spring machine? In fact, as long as we understand the equipment, we will know it. So let's take a look at the three most commonly used computer spring machines:

1. Strong production capacity of formed springs
Since the computer spring machine has the function of multi-axis free hand and spinning system, it determines its advantages in the social production of special-shaped springs and the linear improvement of product design. Because many products have long knuckles or small demand, only computerized spring machines can be processed, and cam spring machines cannot be formed at one time. The mechanical spring machine can do hand movements, rely on the arm for free, and a suitable auxiliary tool arrangement can do what traditional cam forming machines can't do, and it won't leave scratches.

2. The maximum number of servo motor shafts
The spring machine is 10-axis or 12-axis, which can be further increased to 11-axis. Other domestic product models are generally 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis, 6-axis, and 8-axis. The intelligent technology is enhanced, and it is very convenient to debug the spring. The social development trend of spring machine.

3. The most convenient debugging
This is also a convenient value. The device does not require springs to arrange the cam plates. Each individual servo motor is controlled by a computer system. The position of the arm can be adjusted basically without touching the knife. Easy to use in mechanical adjustments in the field. One of the computer springs, the arm stroke can be set freely according to the product requirements, there is no idling, so the speed will be improved, especially the spring of the manufacturer.