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These continuous temper furnaces are a kind of heat treatment equipment for the mechanical spring industry and food industry that are deeply popular among customers. They adopt imported electrical components, stepless speeder, and have advantages such as energy saving(30% off compared with similar products), rapid temperature raising(it can reach the required temperature within 20 minutes), uniform and stable temperature in furnace chest, high precision in automatic control, convenient for continuous working, good reliability, etc.

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Zhejiang Omnipoten Spring Machine Co., Ltd (WNJ) is a leading Spring Temper Furnace Manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of Wholesale Spring temper furnace and other related equipment for more than 30 years. WNJ is a global enterprise specializing in spring machinery, with sales in Europe, Turkey, There are international agents in India, South Korea, Argentina, etc. At the same time, to ensure the availability of spare parts for old machines, we provide you with maintenance services for mechanical and electronic components. We also provide repair replacements and consumables for a large number of parts so that we can replace damaged parts for you in a timely manner. As a Temper furnace Suppliers, we have a complete production line from design, forming, finishing, tooling, inspection, testing, debugging and packaging, and we have established a customer-oriented quality management system to strengthen lasting innovation and improve after-sales service, WNJ has established one of the world's leading centers of advanced spring machinery technology. Global wire forming and spring manufacturing technology, dedicated to providing customers with better CNC spring coiling machine products and solutions.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

Spring temper furnace is a special equipment used for tempering springs.
Can the spring temper furnace set the temper temperature by itself?
Spring tempering furnaces often have a temperature control feature that allows the operator to set the tempering temperature. This type of furnace is usually equipped with a temperature controller or program controller that allows the operator to set the desired tempering temperature within a specific temperature range. By adjusting parameters on the controller, the operator can precisely control the tempering temperature according to the material requirements and process specifications.
Some advanced spring tempering furnaces may even have automation features that automatically adjust temperature and time according to a preset program for a more precise and consistent tempering process. This automation feature improves production efficiency and ensures consistent product quality.

Will the material soften if the temperature of a spring tempering furnace is set too high?
If the temperature of a spring tempering furnace is set too high, it is indeed possible to cause the material to soften, but this is generally not the goal of the spring tempering process. The purpose of spring tempering is to adjust the hardness and elasticity of the spring by controlling the temperature so that it has the required performance. If the temperature is set too high, beyond the desired range, it may cause excessive softening or annealing, causing the spring to lose the necessary elasticity and hardness.
In spring manufacturing, tempering is usually performed after strengthening treatment to reduce the brittleness and stress of the material and improve its elasticity. However, if the tempering temperature is too high, it may cause the material's grains to grow, loosen its structure, or undergo other microstructural changes, making it too soft to meet design requirements.
Therefore, it is crucial to accurately control the temperature of the tempering furnace to ensure that the spring reaches the expected hardness and elasticity during the tempering process and is not over-softened or annealed.

Can springs be heated evenly using a spring tempering furnace?
Using a spring tempering oven usually results in even heating of the spring. This is because the spring tempering furnace was designed with heating uniformity in mind and adopted a variety of measures to ensure that the springs are heated evenly during the heating process.
First of all, the heating element and temperature control system of the spring tempering furnace are key to ensuring uniform heating. The heating elements are usually evenly distributed within the furnace to ensure even heat transfer to the springs. At the same time, the temperature control system can monitor the temperature distribution in the furnace in real time and make adjustments as needed to maintain temperature uniformity.
Secondly, the spring tempering furnace also uses technologies such as hot air circulation to further improve heating uniformity. Hot air circulation technology uses a fan to circulate hot air in the furnace, so that the heat can be more evenly distributed around the spring, thereby avoiding local overheating or overcooling.
In addition, the furnace design of the spring tempering furnace and the placement of the springs will also affect the heating uniformity. Furnace designs usually take into account heat transfer and distribution to ensure that heat reaches each spring evenly. At the same time, the placement of the springs also needs to be considered to avoid mutual obstruction and interference to ensure that each spring can be fully heated.
To sum up, using a spring tempering furnace usually allows the spring to be heated evenly. However, in order to ensure the best heating effect, it is also necessary to select appropriate heating parameters and operating methods based on specific process requirements and equipment performance.