Wholesale CNC Spring Forming Machine

TK series computer numerical control compression spring machine, the wire diameter processing range can be from 0.15 to 23.0mm, the computer can realize 3D automatic programming, and has optional functions such as inspection length, probe, camera inspection length, color mark sensor, etc.
The company has been engaged in multi-axis research and development, the main models are two-axis CNC TK208, three-axis CNC TK335, five-axis CNC TK550, six-axis CNC TK680, seven-axis CNC TK7200, eight-axis CNC TK880, eight-axis CNC TK scroll spring special plane.
Each axis can be operated synchronously or in a single step, and the wire feeding axis can be linked to save energy and reduce consumption.
The diameter-changing mechanism is designed to be driven by an external cam to control the outer diameter of the spring, which is more guaranteed, and the precision of the spring is designed. The cutter shaft is designed to cut at high speed, which can realize straight cutting and half cutting.
The TK series computer compression spring machines produced by WNJ are widely used in the production of springs in industries such as automobiles, aerospace, military ships, hydraulic pneumatics, electronic instruments, and agricultural machinery.
To achieve high-precision, high-speed product requirements for customers.

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Zhejiang Omnipoten Spring Machine Co., Ltd (WNJ) is a leading CNC Spring Forming Machine Manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of Wholesale Spring forming machine and other related equipment for more than 30 years. WNJ is a global enterprise specializing in spring machinery, with sales in Europe, Turkey, There are international agents in India, South Korea, Argentina, etc. At the same time, to ensure the availability of spare parts for old machines, we provide you with maintenance services for mechanical and electronic components. We also provide repair replacements and consumables for a large number of parts so that we can replace damaged parts for you in a timely manner. As a used spring forming machine Suppliers, we have a complete production line from design, forming, finishing, tooling, inspection, testing, debugging and packaging, and we have established a customer-oriented quality management system to strengthen lasting innovation and improve after-sales service, WNJ has established one of the world's leading centers of advanced spring machinery technology. Global wire forming and spring manufacturing technology, dedicated to providing customers with better CNC spring coiling machine products and solutions.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Spring Forming Machine is a sophisticated piece of manufacturing equipment used to produce various types of springs with high precision and efficiency. 
Can the CNC spring forming machine check the working status and progress of the machine in real time?
CNC spring forming machines can usually view the working status and progress of the machine in real time. This is because modern CNC spring forming machines are usually equipped with advanced control systems and human-machine interaction interfaces, allowing operators or administrators to monitor various parameters and states of the machine in real time.
Through the display screen of the control system or the computer terminal connected to it, users can see information such as the current working mode, operating speed, processing progress, and remaining working time of the machine. In addition, some advanced CNC systems can also display real-time images or animations, helping users to have a more intuitive understanding of the machine's working status.
In addition to real-time monitoring of work status and progress, CNC spring forming machines usually also have fault self diagnosis and alarm functions. If there is a malfunction or abnormal situation during the operation of the machine, the control system will immediately issue an alarm and display relevant fault codes or information on the display screen, helping users quickly locate the problem and take corresponding measures.
In summary, the CNC spring forming machine provides real-time viewing of the machine's working status and progress through its advanced control system and human-machine interaction interface, providing users with more convenient and efficient management and maintenance methods.

What parameters can the CNC spring forming machine automatically adjust and correct?
The parameters that the CNC spring forming machine can automatically adjust and correct involve multiple aspects, including the following main parameters:
Wire feed length: Through a precise feed system, the machine can automatically adjust the feed length of the wire to ensure that the length of each spring is consistent.
Bending angle: The machine can automatically adjust and correct each bending angle according to design requirements to ensure accurate shape and angle of the spring.
Forming speed: The CNC system can adjust the forming speed to meet the requirements of different materials and shapes, while maintaining production efficiency and quality.
Torsion and pressure: During the molding process, the machine can automatically adjust the torque and pressure to ensure that the strength and shape of the spring meet the design requirements.
Wire diameter correction: If there is a change or wear in the wire diameter, the machine can detect and automatically adjust the forming parameters through sensors to compensate for these changes.
Spring diameter and number of turns: The machine can automatically adjust the diameter and number of turns of the spring according to the preset program to ensure that the size and number of turns of each spring are consistent.
Cutting position: After forming, the spring needs to be cut, and the machine can automatically adjust the cutting position to ensure that the length of each spring is consistent.
Tension and compression parameters: During the production process, the machine can automatically adjust the tension and compression parameters of the spring as needed to ensure that the elasticity and strength of the spring meet the design requirements.
Temperature and lubrication: Some advanced CNC spring forming machines are also equipped with temperature control and automatic lubrication systems, which can automatically adjust the temperature and lubrication amount during the forming process to ensure smooth production and product quality.
Positioning and Calibration: The machine can automatically calibrate and position to ensure accurate and consistent starting and ending points for each molding process.
These automatic adjustment and correction functions rely on advanced sensor technology and closed-loop control systems, which can monitor various parameters in the production process in real time and adjust them as needed to ensure high precision and efficiency in production. These features not only improve product quality, but also reduce human intervention and operational errors, significantly enhancing production stability and consistency.