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  • Mobility Automotive

    Springs are also the most important part of automobile basic parts. In automobile springs, we can fi...

  • Telecommunications Industry

    Modern telecommunication centres on the problems involved in transmitting large volumes of informati...

  • Construction Industry

    Spring shock absorbers can better prevent or reduce disasters caused by earthquakes, provide importa...

  • Aerospace Industry

    Aviation special spring data clip, related to the technical field of aircraft parts structure design...

  • Medical industry

    We provide medical equipment manufacturers with medical springs and special-shaped springs, which ar...

  • Agricultural Machinery

    Springs are widely used in agricultural machinery for cylinder gaskets, pistons and piston rings, co...

  • Military Industry

    With the development of alloy spring materials, coupled with the advancement of spring production te...

  • Electrical Engineering

    Considering light weight, space saving, and improvement of spring stress distribution, the base spri...


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Innovative technology development and high-performance products deliver the best solution.

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CNC Spring machine manufacturers and Torsion spring making machine suppliers

, Manufactured with high value engineering, the WNJ delivers the reliability and performance you need
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  • What is the basic back knot composition of the spring machine?

    15th Aug 2022

    The camshaftless spring machine can be divided into five parts: the straightening mechanism, the feeding mechanism, the deceleration mechanism, the variable pitch operating mechanism, and the disconne...

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  • What are the high efficiency and precision requirements for spring machining?

    08th Aug 2022

    ① Improve the high efficiency and precision requirements of spring machining. The high-efficiency and high-precision requirements of spring machining, in the main application of industrial production,...

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  • What is the difference between spring machines with different shaft numbers?

    01th Aug 2022

    With the continuous changes in the production and processing requirements of light yellow goods, the spring machine equipment is also constantly improving, so the spring machines in the sales market a...

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  • What components affect the performance of a spring packer?

    28th Jul 2022

    What are the key components that affect the performance of a spring compactor? The button of the spring pressing machine is a special equipment used to manufacture and manufacture spring yellow. Accor...

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  • Do you know how to make flat wire for compression spring machine?

    18th Jul 2022

    A compression spring machine shows a management plan for a clogged wire situation. Uncompressed spring mandrels can easily become jammed due to the correct cable product or process. How does the mandr...

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  • Do you know the details of the disassembly and assembly of the computer spring machine?

    11th Jul 2022

    With this spring machine, all practical operations become more and more flexible, saving a lot of human capital. However, in practical applications, its parts are often difficult, and must be disassem...

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