"One source.
Many solutions.--WNJ"

Always provice more better spring solutions for customer

  • 01

    CNC Spring Coiling Machine

  • 02

    CNC Spring Forming Machine

  • 03

    CNC Spring Camless Machine

  • 04

    CNC Wire Bending Machine

  • 05

    CNC Spring Grinding Machine

Why choose WNJ?

The reason for WNJ renowned and success in China and overseas is not only our size and capability but also for the combination of following advantages.

  • Continuous technology and design with cooperation with foreign experts and top Universities in china

  • Offer services to overseas customers with global agent

  • Customer orientation is considered with customized solutions

  • Professional training is offered in the factory or customers places

  • Technical team with more than 100 professional technical staffs

  • Creative activities are taken by visiting the professional manufacturers in Japan,Germany and Taiwan

  • Imported Taiwan computer, Japan Sanyo Electric, Set up offices in many provinces in the country

  • Foreign agents throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, which can provide professional life after-sales service.

Important Features

  • A complete production line from design, moulding, finishing operations ,tools, checking, testing, debug and packing

  • A complete set of products to process the springs from 0.15mm to 12mm as well as supplementary products

  • A powerful develop & design capability. Our own mould workshop enables the company to work on OEM/ODM projects easily

  • Quality first, QA/QC is one of important departments in our company

  • Over 200 skilled worker,50 technicians and one group of 20 engineers

  • Main market: Europe, USA, Korea, Turkey, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, UK etc.

  • We have established customer oriented quality management system, strengthen lasting innovation and enhance after-sale services

  • Most of device imported from Taiwan, Japan comply with FDA certification

  • Rotating tool holder providing multi-forming capability

  • 13-18 axes capability for camless operation

  • Servo winder swinging capability

  • Rotating quill, Rotating wire, Touchscreen interface

  • Easy reconfiguration and adaptation to new production/manufacturing realities;

  • User-level safety and environmental efficiency.