Wholesale CNC Wire Bending Machine

ZW wire forming bending machine series, the wire diameter can range from 1 to 12mm.
This series has multi-axis linkage design, flexible machine adjustment, good stability, and can realize serpentine spring and wire bending.
1. With Multiaxis linkage design, fast speed of machine adjustment, high precision, and good stability.
2. Adopts Taiwan computer control system and Japanese servo motor.
3. Wire feed adopts a rotary wire structure, which makes it more stable and convenient.
4. Computer interface is displayed in Chinese and English which makes the operation easy.
5. Can make different kinds of wire bending, forming different products.

About Company

Zhejiang Omnipoten Spring Machine Co., Ltd (WNJ) is a leading CNC Wire Bending Machine Manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of Wholesale CNC Wire Bending Machine and other related equipment for more than 30 years. WNJ is a global enterprise specializing in spring machinery, with sales in Europe, Turkey, There are international agents in India, South Korea, Argentina, etc. At the same time, to ensure the availability of spare parts for old machines, we provide you with maintenance services for mechanical and electronic components. We also provide repair replacements and consumables for a large number of parts so that we can replace damaged parts for you in a timely manner. As a CNC Wire Bending Machine suppliers, we have a complete production line from design, forming, finishing, tooling, inspection, testing, debugging and packaging, and we have established a customer-oriented quality management system to strengthen lasting innovation and improve after-sales service, WNJ has established one of the world's leading centers of advanced spring machinery technology. Global wire forming and spring manufacturing technology, dedicated to providing customers with better CNC spring coiling machine products and solutions.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

A CNC wire bending machine is a piece of equipment used in manufacturing to bend wire accurately and efficiently. It's equipped with computer numerical control (CNC) technology, allowing for precise control over the bending process.
What is the difference between CNC wire bending machine and ordinary bending machine?
There are some significant differences between CNC wire bending machines and ordinary bending machines:
Numerical Control Technology (CNC): The CNC wire bending machine adopts computer numerical control technology, which can precisely control the bending process through pre programmed instructions. This means that operators can accurately set parameters such as bending angle, length, and shape through software, thereby achieving high automation and accuracy.
Applicable objects: Ordinary bending machines are usually used to bend metal sheets, pipes and other materials, while CNC wire bending machines are specifically used to bend wire, such as steel wires, steel bars, etc. Their structure and working principle are designed for different types of materials and processing requirements.
Scope of application: CNC wire bending machines are usually used to produce large quantities of wire parts, such as car seat frames, furniture structures, building components, etc. Ordinary bending machines may be more suitable for small batch production or special processing needs, such as customized metal products.
Precision and repeatability: Due to the application of CNC technology, CNC wire bending machines have higher precision and repeatability. They can perform complex bending tasks in a very precise manner, while the accuracy of ordinary bending machines may be relatively low.
Automation level: CNC wire bending machines are usually equipped with functions such as automatic feeding, automatic bending, and automatic cutting, which can achieve highly automated production processes. In contrast, regular bending machines may require more manual operation and intervention.
Overall, CNC wire bending machines have significant advantages in production efficiency, accuracy, and automation, and are suitable for manufacturing industries that require large-scale production of wire parts.

Can CNC wire bending machine accurately control the bending angle?
Yes, CNC wire bending machines can precisely control the bending angle. This is achieved through pre programming, where operators can use specialized software or interfaces to input the required bending angle and other parameters. Once the program is set up, the machine will accurately perform the bending operation according to these instructions.
The CNC wire bending machine adopts advanced CNC technology, such as servo drive system, encoder feedback, etc., to ensure precise control of bending angle. This means that during the production process, each bend can reach the expected angle, ensuring that the produced wire parts have consistent quality and accurate dimensions.
Therefore, CNC wire bending machines can not only achieve efficient production, but also meet application scenarios that require high precision in bending angles, such as automotive seat frames, electronic product brackets, and other fields.