What spring requirements should be considered when choosing a camless wire spring machine?

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The inner diameter of the spring: different models and different types of camless wire spring machines, the space for winding the spring is limited and different, and the inner and outer diameters of the springs of different specifications are different, so the inner and outer diameters of the spring machine are formed. The function determines the applicable spring processing range of the device!

Spring pitch, length, direction: In addition to the requirements for processing wire diameter and inner and outer diameters, the parameters such as the distance between the coils, the free length of the expansion and the left / right rotation direction are very important, which determines the spring's Performance, the selection of spring machine equipment must meet the above spring parameter processing requirements!

Spring accuracy requirements: At present, there are still some gaps in the technology of many domestic manufacturers of camless wire spring machines from European and Japanese spring machines, especially for the accuracy control of spring processing. If you have high requirements for the accuracy of spring processing, it is recommended to choose a large domestic brand spring machine or spring machine equipment imported from Japan and Germany!

Other functional requirements: This is mainly reflected in many aspects of spring processing, such as spring forming requirements, spring processing efficiency, difficulty of equipment debugging, equipment price, etc., such as high-precision complex shaped springs, which require faster processing efficiency In this case, ordinary spring machines cannot be realized, which requires more advanced multi-axis camless spring machines!