What should I do if the rotating core of the compression spring machine fails?

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The service life of industrial equipment is limited. Therefore, if the compression spring machine is used on the computer for a long time, there will be some minor faults, which must be shut down immediately for maintenance to prevent greater damage. Below, I will tell you the solution to the alarm failure of the rotating core of the compression spring machine.
1. During the processing of the compression spring machine on the computer, a core rotation alarm occurs. First, turn off the power, restart, and start everything is normal. An alarm occurs temporarily after returning. Most of these things are that the core is stuck. Look for the stuck. For this reason, the problem is solved. The solution is to turn off the power, rotate the core by hand, look for the stuck part, and take it off.
2. When the rotor core of the compression spring machine fails, look at the alarm code on the driver? The cause of the failure can be analyzed from the alarm code on the driver. For example, when the message alarm code displayed on the AC servo motor driver of Japan's Sanyo is 41, it means that the load of the AC servo motor is too heavy, and the problem is solved if the load is too heavy (Note: Normally, part of the mechanical equipment is stuck. )



3. When the rotating core of the compression spring machine on the computer fails, if you can't see all the display information on the drive, it means that the power supply of the equipment has failed and the drive has failed. The equipment power supply fails to test whether the fault detection can be performed with a three-phase 200 volt working voltage. If the drive fails and there is no display information, it means that a part of the drive power supply is faulty. At this time, the drive must be taken out to the manufacturer for repair.