What problems are often encountered in the installation of computer spring machines?

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The computer spring machineFirst. The computer spring machine is out of control. It cannot be presented at will in the host computer (computer information system controller) of azimuth control, but this is because it is difficult for us as a Chinese enterprise to solve the problem effectively. The reasons for the out-of-control system management of the host computer are analyzed as follows: can improve the processing efficiency of the spring machine manufacturer, and the high product quality is welcomed by the majority of users, but we will also encounter some problems, big and small, during the installation of the computer spring machine. Let us Let's take a look at the two problems that are often encountered in the installation of computer spring machines:

1. There are problems in the design of the AC servo control board and related circuits;
2. The continuous processing of the tension spring fails;
3. Terminal problems of various control lines;
4.The encoder of the servo motor and the related echo circuit or power supply problems.

Second.POR often random alarm and not reset
The reason is that the computer spring machine cannot be reset an hour before the winter half year, and the machine can be clearly linked to the working temperature. You can choose private server to control the motor. The environmental requirements require no condensation, and the temperature is 0-40 degrees. If the temperature is low, the more viscous oil in the theme's interior will cause blockage. You can operate for half an hour and the whole body will heat up, and the problem will disappear. . Treat this problem by raising the temperature of the plant or changing the oil. Secondly, for the problem of computer password lock, please contact the manufacturer to obtain the user's password immediately.

The above are the two major problems that are often encountered in the installation of computer spring machines. We can't panic when we encounter problems. We need to analyze and find the problem in time to deal with it. If the above problems occur in your computer spring machine, you can refer to the above methods to solve them. , if you want to know more information, you can consult us Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd!