What problems are easily caused by multi-function computer spring machines in programming?

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It is also uncommon to encounter the phenomenon that device programming cannot be zeroed. The main thing is to check if the device is in a normal state. The principle of the consumer spring is mainly to apply the reaction force. The wire feeding wheel sends the wire to the front, and blocks the wire in front of the wire, so that the wire can not move forward, generate resistance, change the direction of movement of the wire, and make the wire have the relevant shape. Disposal methods and steps:
1. Driver parameter problem (this is limited to the internal workings of the machine manufacturer). If the zero position of the machine after each zero return is not at the same point, then the electronic tooth age ratio setting is correct.
2. Observe whether a yellow triangle signal light in the upper right corner of the multi-function computer spring machine screen can reverse the action and observe the screen state. Will be normal zero action. If there is, it may be damaged by the board; if there is no reverse action, or occasionally reverse when doing zeroing, please open the back cover of the machine and redo the zero action to see if the proximity switch indicator will Normally flashes once during the week of machine operation. If it can't be flashing normally, you can take the proximity switch on your hand. In the process of zeroing the machine, go directly to the machine. If the proximity switch is still not lit, check whether the plug connected to the circuit board can contact. Bad, otherwise it can determine the shortcomings of the proximity switch itself.