What is the structure of the compression spring machine?

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Compression spring machines generally refer to industrial equipment for the production of compression springs. The development trend is fully automatic type and CNC machine tool type. According to the characteristics of action, they are divided into: compression spring machine, tension spring machine, computer spring machine, garden machine and its special spring machine such as : Snake spring machine, torsion spring machine; according to the drive method, it is divided into: automatic positioning type, fully automatic, CNC machine tool type and full computer operation type.


Compression spring mechanical equipment is usually composed of servers, automatic control systems, motor power units, auxiliary equipment, and attached machinery and equipment. Compression spring machinery equipment is mainly an automatic control system. Compression spring machinery equipment has evolved from the previous pedal-based development trend of household appliances to the mechanical and electrical engineering optical integrated CNC machine tool computer spring machinery. The key to the automatic control system of compression spring machinery equipment is composed of system bus, CPU, switching power supply, memory, control panel and display, position control module, programmable logic control module of programmable controller and its statistical data input/output socket, etc. . The compression spring mechanical equipment server is also changed from the previous thick, black, and heavy cast iron parts to the carbon steel machine control panel, which improves the compressive strength and rigidity of the mechanical equipment. The automatic closed worm gear transmission and lubrication make Compression spring machinery has higher precision and higher efficiency.

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