What is the reason for the Y-axis servo alarm of the spring machine?

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The Y axis is the wire feeding shaft of the Uspring machine. It uses the Y axis servo motor and the transmission gear to operate the wire feeding. The "Y axis servo alarm" is one of the common system alarms during the use of the spring machine. The Y axis appears on the spring machine. What causes the servo alarm?
If the system “Y-axis servo alarm” occurs during the operation of the spring machine, it means that the machine tool has a corresponding fault problem during operation. Such a fault condition will affect the production of the equipment, and it is necessary to find the cause in accordance with the alarm prompt to cancel it. Below, we share with you the common factors that will cause the Y-axis servo alarm of the spring machine:
① Failure of electrical components caused by servo motors, drives, encoders or inverters, etc. ② Mechanical failure caused by stuck dust or iron filings, etc. ③ Man-made failures caused by abnormal operations, in addition to the main reasons mentioned above, item by item Go to check and eliminate the possible causes of failure. After ***, find the source of the failure and solve it. Sometimes external factors will cause the machine to fail to work. For example, improper operation of external signal lines will cause the spring machine to fail to work properly. .
There are many factors that cause the "Y-axis servo alarm" of the spring machine system. You can shut down and restart the machine to see if the system alarm message is cleared. Then check and eliminate the fault according to the specific situation, so as to find the cause of the fault and strive for Remove faults and resume production in a short period of time. If you can't find the cause of the failure or how to remove the failure, you need to immediately ask the spring machine manufacturer for assistance and have the professionals perform repairs. This can resume production as soon as possible and avoid secondary damage to the spring machine caused by the failure.