What is the reason for the abnormal breakage of the spring of the universal spring machine?

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With the improvement of spring equipment applications, springs have become one of the basic components of mechanical products, and universal spring machines have become more and more outstanding in the industry. However, the spring will fail, such as deformation, cracking, abrasion and looseness. How should we solve this situation? The following will be talked about by Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd:



When the spring is heated to a certain temperature, it will affect its elasticity, even segregation, and it will be easier to break. It has several fracture modes, and the specific manifestations and reasons are as follows:


1. Stress can be analyzed. Corrosion fracture: The spring fracture is caused by the important role of tensile stress and corrosive environment media to realize the common economic development of enterprises.

2. Corrosion fatigue fracture: The fracture occurs in the spring under the action of corrosive medium and cyclic load.

3. Fatigue fracture: the fracture of the spring under the influence of cyclic working load..

4. Hydrogen embrittlement, cadmium embrittlement, black embrittlement: high impurity content in the spring material causes brittle fracture..

5. Brittle fracture: The broken spring must belong to the most brittle fracture. Only when the company's working environment requires a high temperature, can we cause some plastic fractures. In engineering, fatigue fracture, stress can be analyzed, corrosion fracture and hydrogen embrittlement fracture are called brittle material fracture

6. Wear: Wear is divided into: abrasive, severe wear and corrosion fatigue fracture.

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