What is the problem of insufficient spring force of the spring?

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The spring machine is the main mechanical equipment for the production of springs, but the spring machine manufacturer tells you that sometimes the production of springs will have insufficient elasticity. Why is this? How should we deal with it? Below Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd. Let’s talk about it:

1. Irregular spring design parameters are unreasonable: only pay attention to the outer diameter, inner diameter, length and other parameters, often ignore the cross-sectional area and pitch, resulting in insufficient elasticity;
2. Unreasonable spring selection: Tuche chose the light-loaded type, which cannot carry heavy loads, resulting in insufficient elasticity.
3. The quality level of the safety error spring: ordinary springs are used as high-quality springs, so they feel sufficient elasticity.
4. The temperature of the produced spring exceeds the stipulation, causing the spring to decrease or even lose its elasticity.
5. The spring wire itself is soft, or the quenching temperature of the spring can be kept low or the working time management is not long enough, or the post-tempering temperature is too high and the spring is formed for a long time, which will affect the stress and the tension of the enterprise. The strength of elasticity is not enough.