What is the method to eliminate the noise of the computer spring machine fan?

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The fan of the computer spring machine rotates too loudly and produces noise, which makes people feel uncomfortable. This requires reducing the sound of the fan rotating. The following three methods are usually used to eliminate the noise of the computer spring machine:



1. If the inner wall is coated with dust, observe whether the outer frame of the fan blade is close to the dust fan blade, and if the dust is removed.

2. Every company controls the fan on the fan to improve itself as a development with a circular label, tear the label (pay attention to train students not to tear it, because we have to paste it back for our teachers), you can see In China, it is also a small round plastic cover. Open the plastic cover to see, add oil to the fan shaft, and restore the method again.

3. The most commonly used method to reduce the rotating sound of a computer spring pressure fan is the tempering treatment and observation method, which is convenient and effective.