What is the method of electroplating for spring machining?

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When the spring machine is energized, a 30-minute idle operation is required to let the spring machine stabilize before the capital is invested to announce the operation. Place the transfer switch in the dry-running gear and check whether the operable light is on. If it is not good, wait until your common faults are cleared before you can start the application.


The upgrade of spring machines is something that many companies must do at this stage. Many spring machine and equipment manufacturers will use some older mechanical equipment, laser pipe cutting machines for production. In that case, it is not only high efficiency and extremely low, but also finished products. The quality is not good. The secondary coil brightener applied in the electroplating process in the spring processing can make the nickel coating more than full brightness. It makes the cathodic polarization increase more than the primary and intermediate brighteners, but most of the coatings obtained by individuals are ductile and at high current levels. And the coating in the low current intensity area is not bright enough.


Metal surface treatment after various spring processing. After the spring is produced and processed, the surface layer must be solved, and the electroplating process is only one of the solutions. After the electroplating process, the spring has anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance. Usually the electroplating process is hot-dip galvanizing and nickel electroplating. In the electroplating process, a kind of raw material is brightener. At present, most of the brightener electroplating nickel aqueous solution is made of organic matter. For brightener.


When the coating is zinc and cadmium, the hydrogen removal solution should be carried out after the electroplating process. After the hydrogen removal, 3% (many less than 3 pieces) shall be retested and the solution shall be determined and there shall be no cracks in the retest. The spring should eliminate surface dirt, salt marks, and air scale. The method can be sand blowing or car gasoline cleaning, but pickling passivation is not acceptable.

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