What is the function of the spring safety valve in the compression spring machine?

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What is the role of the spring safety valve in the compression spring machine? Judging from our current development trend, the use of industrial equipment for production and processing will improve the economic benefits of manufacturers, and the profit will be a little more. After all, use industrial equipment for production and processing. Faster speed, easy to use, and the quality is guaranteed. With the continuous improvement of today's high-tech level, the upgrading of industrial equipment in different manufacturing industries continues, and the technology continues to be sound. For example, the compression spring machine, the compression spring machine is The mechanical equipment necessary for the production and processing of the yellow metal wire forming. The manufacturing industry of compression spring machine also has great development prospects. In recent years, although the manufacturing industry of compression spring machines in China has developed vigorously, there is still a big difference compared with foreign capitalist countries.

Compression spring machine, compression spring machine can obtain the development trend is why in recent years, the frequency of use of equipment has become more and more frequent, it is slowly being used by everyone in production and processing and manufacturing, our compression spring It is one of them, so what is the role of the spring safety valve in the compression spring machine?


First, the basic principle
The key is to fasten the valve core to the high-pressure gate valve by the kinetic energy of the spring, so that the valve is closed, and the bottom of the valve core is subjected to the force of the steam lifting upward. When everything is in normal operation, the downward card force of the yellow spring exceeds the torsion force of the steam upward, and the shut-off valve is closed. When the steam pressure exceeds the valve starting pressure, the interaction force of the steam on the valve core exceeds the interaction force of the spring yellow, so that the valve core is pushed up, and the rotor pump valve exhausts steam. Change the spring yellow tightness according to the upper end of the valve seat. If the level is loosened, the valve seating pressure can be adjusted. What is the function of the spring safety valve in the compression spring machine?


Second, the role

1. The torque force of the valve spring is transmitted to the piston valve according to the valve seat, and the pressure of the chemical substance in the system acts under the piston valve. Under the action of the torque force, the protrusion surface of the piston valve and the nozzle protrusion surface are tightly combined. Thereby it has a hermetic effect.

2. Play the role of safety factor maintenance in the system. When the system pressure exceeds the value, the valve opens, and part of the gas/fluid dynamics in the system is discharged out of the gas/pipe, so that the system pressure does not exceed the manipulated value, so as to ensure that the mechanism is not easy to cause safety production accidents due to excessive pressure.

3. When the valve jumps up for sewage treatment to lower blood lipids, until the pressure of the chemical substance in the heat treatment furnace container is reduced to the point that the force acting on the piston valve is less than the interaction force of the elastic yellow, the valve can be seated and closed, as a result, the boiler is guaranteed The equipment is working within the specified pressure range. What is the function of the spring safety valve in the compression spring machine?


Third, what will be divided into the problem of the surface plating process of the compression spring machine?

1. When the coating is zinc and cadmium, the electroplating process should be subjected to hydrogen removal treatment. After removing hydrogen, 3% (many less than 3 pieces) shall be retested and the standing treatment shall not be cracked. Note: The tension spring should eliminate surface stains, salt marks, and oxide scales. The method can be sand blowing or gasoline cleaning, but phosphating treatment cannot be used;

2. The surface layer is required to be processed after the production of the bullet yellow, and the electroplating processing is only one of the time. After the electroplating process, the bomb yellow is corrosion-resistant and has a beautiful appearance. The general electroplating process includes hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating nickel. One of the raw materials in the electroplating process is brightener. At present, the brightener electroplating process is mostly used in nickel solution Organics act as brighteners.

3. The secondary coil brightener of the electroplating process used by the compression spring machine in the production of tension springs can make the nickel coating reach full brightness. It makes the cathode polarization greater than the primary brightener, but most of the coating obtained by the individual There is brittle fracture, and the coating is not very bright in the area of high total current flow and low current intensity.

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