What is the function of the main structural parts of the wire spring machine?

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Straightening structure: The position of the straightening mechanism is between the feeding frame and the feeding roller. It consists of two sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the straightening system is to eliminate the original bending deformation of the wire. The spring wire can be straightened after straightening. Entering the forming machine is beneficial for the wire spring machine to improve the precision of the coil spring.

Feeding structure: This is a spring wire conveying device driven by a wire spring machine. It is a pair or two pairs of feed wheels to compress the wire. It is completed by a fan-shaped incomplete gear driving the gear on the feeding wheel shaft through the rotation of the feeding wheel. It can be determined by the number of revolutions of the feed wheel.

Variable diameter structure: It is the control mechanism for the outer diameter of the mainspring when the mainspring is wound. The device consists of two ejector rods and a deceleration cam that drives the ejector rods. When the coil spring machine produces variable diameter springs, such as bosses, truncated cones, and two bolts at the front and rear of the spring are loosened from the upper jack, so that the jack can expand back and forth in the tool holder to change the diameter of the outer spring. The jack is driven by the deceleration cam to achieve the purpose of producing various deceleration springs.

Variable pitch structure: It is a mechanism that controls the pitch of the spring. Generally, there are two types of winding spring machines. One is composed of a pitch knife and a variable angle cam. The variable cam is to control the effective number of turns of the spring, and the bolt under the pitch knife adjusts the height of the spring; the second is to use the cam to drive the connecting rod, so that the pitch knife is pushed out of the machine, and it is better to use a spring with a large pitch.

Cutting structure: After the steel wire is wound and formed, cutting the steel wire is the last processing action of the spring falling. When cutting the spring, it is done by the knife and the core. This is the final processing structure of the spring processing.

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