What is the function of installing the wire reel on the universal spring machine?

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In the daily operation of spring machines, especially universal spring machines (also known as eight-jaw spring machines), continuous and stable wire feeding is the key factor to ensure efficient processing. Warm reminder, during the operation of the spring machine, it is a very important operation link to realize continuous and stable wire feeding, and the installation of the wire reel is an important part of this process. So, what is the function of installing the coil on the universal spring machine?

① Straighten out the direction of the wire. In contrast, the surface flatness of many domestic wires is not good. For example, they tend to have an "8" shape. During wire feeding or pay-off, the wires are easily spun and the wires are twisted together. affect processing efficiency. In order to straighten the direction of the wire, we can add a wire reel in front of the straightening system of the universal spring machine. The wire reel can effectively prevent the wire from rotating. After the wire is straightened, it can make the wire lighter and more flexible.

②Prevent wire jumping. During the wire feeding or unwinding process of the wire feed frame of the spring machine, due to the insufficient tension of the wire itself, the wire will swing up and down or left and right irregularly, which will easily cause the diameter of the outer spring to be unstable. This affects the quality of the spring machining. In order to prevent the jumping of the wire direction, we can install a wire winder between the spring machine and the wire feed frame. During the wire feeding process, the welding wire has a certain buffer transition zone, which plays the role of fixing the welding wire without shaking.

In short, the purpose of installing the wire reel on the universal spring machine is to enable the machine tool to achieve continuous and stable wire feeding when it is working, so as to ensure the processing accuracy and quality requirements of the product.

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