What is the disassembly and assembly technique of the computer spring machine?

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1. Removable connection of zeros and parts connected to each other without damaging any parts, and can be reconnected after disassembly. Common detachable connections are threaded, keyed, and pinned. Among them, threaded connections are the most widely used.
The quality of the threaded connection has a great relationship with the assembly process. The fastening force of each bolt should be reasonably determined according to the zero-connection of the computer spring machine, the shape of the component, and the distribution and stress of the bolt. Balance with tightening force
2, the common non-detachable connection has welding, riveting and interference coupling, etc., where the interference joint multi-language shaft, hole fit. Achieving interference joints commonly used in press fit, thermal expansion fit and shrink fit. In general, computer spring machines can be press-fitted, and important or sophisticated machines are happy to use thermal expansion and contraction. The computer spring machine is not detachable and is not disassembled during the use of the zero-connected, computer spring machine components.

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