What is the difference between six-axis and two-axis computer compression spring machines?

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Computer compression spring machine has the advantages of traditional mechanical equipment compression spring machine. It is equipped with the speed and precision of an intelligent computer-controlled servo control system. The system software is equipped with a computer. It can memorize 1000 working procedures and the position of each axis. The wire feeding material, production rate, and total number of production are all on the display. The program flow material is very easy to set and change on the computer keyboard, and the adjustment is extremely convenient.
So what is the difference between six-axis and two-axis computer compression spring machines?

1. Simple practical operation, friendly page, the computer automatically recognizes the physical condition of the entire equipment and alarms.

2. The precision machining process of the transmission gear of the wire feeder box can maintain the wire feed accuracy for a long time.

3. The direct drive system method of AC servo motor precision reducer ensures high precision, long life, high stability, and gets rid of the defects of low stability of synchronous belt transmission. Computer compression spring machine

4. Choose high-torque planetary reducer as the transmission system, which has the best stability and accuracy. The key components are imported, which has a higher service life and long-term accuracy.

5. Six sets of AC servo motors individually control six fixtures, cores, and wire feeding. The machine is adjusted quickly (about 50% faster than the two-axis machine), suitable for the production of various high-precision compression springs, etc., and the production is more Fast (about 10% faster than the same industry). Easy to understand, convenient and simple.


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