What is the difference between CNC spring machine and multi-function spring machine?

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The CNC spring machine is a piece of stainless steel wire fed in, a spring machine made of yellow, collectively called the spring machine. There are many types of CNC spring machines, some with servo control, called computer spring spring machines, or CNC spring machines. His effect can be the casual appearance of the pull card torsion spring, also known as the all-round spring machine. Computer-based spring machines and CNC spring machines have a meaning. They are different from mechanical spring machines. Mechanical spring machines are simple machines without computer control, and gradually become the service platform of the industry.

With the successful use of servo control, the spring machine changed from the original engine camshaft transmission device to full servo control. The spring machine industry has undergone a reform and innovation that overwhelms the traditional. This is the engineless camshaft spring machine gradually Replace the engine camshaft spring machine too much. All engine-free camshaft spring machines are CNC spring machines, also computer spring machines, and eight-jaw spring machines. Engine camshaft spring machines are machines that communicate with AC servo motors to actually operate eight fixtures on the control panel. Equipment, the engine camshaft spring machine is also an intelligent spring machine and an eight-jaw spring machine. It is different from the spring machine. The spring machine is generally controlled by a computer servo. However, its important function is to produce and process compression springs. Generally speaking, the computer machine refers to the intelligent spring machine with eight jaws. With the development of professionalism, there are more and more models and specifications of spring processing machinery and equipment. In the application, the professional market is segmented at the beginning. Although compression spring machines and smart spring machines are all spring processing machines, two There are certain differences in versatility and application. Next, Max CNC lathes will talk about the difference between compression spring machines and smart spring machines to avoid confusion.




Multifunctional applications of compression spring machine:
Most of the spring machine machinery and equipment on the market adopt the method of external winding, that is, according to one or two sets of wire feeding rollers to press and rotate the stainless steel wire, so as to push the stainless steel wire to move forward continuously, and with the help of upper, The stroke switch of the lower ring diameter rod and the leading role make the stainless steel wire rewinding machine take shape, so as to produce all kinds of precision processed spiral compression spring products such as cylindrical spring yellow, tower spring and conical spring. Cannot produce products with special-shaped springs!

Multifunctional application of smart spring machine:
Different from the spring machine equipment, the compression spring machine has eight forming claw arms raised on the body operation panel. Workers can install common tools such as cutters, folding knives, punching knives or auxiliary knives on the necessary machine equipment spindles. , This kind of commonly used tools can produce elastic yellow products of various shapes or structures, such as various precision processed compression springs, tension springs, single (double) torsion springs, spring leaves, special-shaped springs and wire forming products. Able to make multiple spring processing regulations, taking into account the spring processing regulations of different manufacturing industries!

The difference between the two types of machinery and equipment:
The difference management of the two kinds of machinery and equipment in their own structure has determined their application in their respective industries. The structure of the intelligent spring machine only has the basic elements of circle, arc, and straight line. Therefore, many of the machinery and equipment are customer-oriented In all walks of life. Since the compression spring machine has eight claw arms, it can produce more versatile spring products with circles, arcs, straight lines or crimping edges. Compared with the middle compression spring machine, it has a wider range of applications.

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