What is the difference between a spring machine and a compression spring machine?

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The application of the compression spring machine:
Most of the spring machine equipment on the sales market is coiled by external methods. The power line is rotated according to the push of a set of roller bearings or explosion-proof switch wire sets to promote the continuous forward fitness exercise of the wire, and according to the upper and lower rings. The orientation of the diameter equipment and the position of the limit switch make the wire bar look like, and the wire is produced and processed into a variety of cylindrical springs, spring towers, tapered spiral springs, high precision spring crafts, etc., but it is not solved Product-shaped spring!
Application of spring machine:
Unlike the spring press, the spring press lifts 8 forming claws on the control panel of the casing. The operator can install cutting tools, special telescopic tools, special impact tools or auxiliary software on the machine tool holder. The production and processing of spring products that maintain a variety of shapes or structures, such as a variety of high-precision reduction springs, Larsson springs, single (double) torsion springs, clamp springs, special-shaped springs and cable forming products, can keep complex Spring production and processing regulations, consider the spring production and processing requirements of different manufacturing industries!
The difference between the two types of equipment:
The differences in their own construction determine their respective application areas. The structure of the spring press only has the basic elements of maintaining the circle, arc and line, so the machine equipment pays more attention to the subdivided industries of spring. Because the spring machine has eight claw arms, it can produce complicated spring products that process circles, arcs, parallel lines, or angles. Compared with the spring machine, the application scope is wider.


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