What is the difference between a mechanical coil spring machine and a CNC spring machine?

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1. Mechanical spring machine, also known as “earth gun machine” or “earth machine”, is mainly used for the production and processing of simple spring and coil forming products, which has the advantages of simple shape, convenience and low cost. Generally speaking, the production efficiency of the earthmoving machine is hundreds of times faster than that of the manual. Due to the shortcomings of poor stability, low precision and pass rate, the market stage has gradually faded out. However, the cost of the earthmoving machine is lower. It ranges from a few thousand to several tens of thousands, and is still used in a few underdeveloped places.
2, CNC Spring machine, also known as computer spring machine, is a CNC spring machine with computer system and command programming, mainly to achieve intelligent operation, the whole process can be controlled by computer system programming, reducing the cost of artificial labor, convenient It is widely used in modern industrial production because of its advantages of high efficiency, stability, high precision and low labor intensity. Because its cost is more expensive than that of earth-moving machines, it usually ranges from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand yuan. The main reason for restricting the development of some small spring processing enterprises.

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