What is the difference between a computer spring machine and a universal spring machine?

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We already know the spring machine, so have you heard of the computer spring machine and the universal spring machine? In fact, the computer spring machine and the universal spring machine belong to the CNC spring machine, so let's take a detailed look at the difference between the two:

The computer spring machine not only has the advantages of the traditional spring machine, but also is equipped with a modern computer-controlled servo system, which has the characteristics of high speed and high precision. , program and other parameter settings can be easily set and changed, and the adjustment is convenient.

There are two ways to push the cam angular distance away from the piston and knife. The distance is easy to adjust, and the outer diameter can be easily adjusted by the program setting. The spring compressor completely eliminates the hassle of replacing any shape in the cam. Manufactured without adjusting the mechanical compression spring member.

The computer spring-pressed winding principle can be handled with a circle, a structural element of the arc product, in a straight line. It is mainly used for the processing of various precision spring products, such as coil springs, conical springs, etc. The components of the universal spring machine mainly include the main engine, the working power unit of the motor, the control system, the auxiliary device, etc. The most important part of the control system is a part of . The key is through the control management system. One of the organic NC springs in a set of information developed from the ECU mechanical spring gimbal spring machine.