What is the difference between a computer spring machine and a spring grinding machine?

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Today, in the powerful spring production technology and equipment management industry, computer spring machines or spring grinding machines are often used. The characteristics of the two are different and they have similarities. What is the difference between them? Let's let Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd talk about it:




1. In order to develop a synchronous grinding end spring grinder for the following data compression spring, the machine has an upper and lower grinding head and a spindle on the same research center line. The upper and lower polishing heads are independently driven by two control motors. The grinding feed consists of two independently operated hand wheels. The paper tray is driven by a single enterprise high-speed motor, and the paper feeding speed is guided by the handwheel. In terms of time with the machine wheel dressing, the dressing on the end face of the grinding wheel, a better grinding effect device. .

2. The distance between the spindle box and the computer spring is driven by the servo motor to reduce the speed, so that the rotation of the spindle is moved longitudinally.

In the heating state, spiral wire and spiral spring are used for springs with a diameter of 20~60mm, which can realize the mass production of spiral spring units. The structure of the machine tool is composed of the main shaft box, pitch, forming, electrical control part and a hydraulic system part. It occupies a very important position for computer spring machines in the construction industry. This is a very important spring plowing production technology and equipment. During use, the computer spring machine must be maintained regularly to extend its service life and improve work efficiency.