What are the three major advantages of using a computer spring machine?

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The computer spring machine is a new type of spring machine with a key board, which can realize the human-computer interaction interface for the control of the spring machine. Compared with the traditional spring machine, it has more and more powerful functions. Let's take a look. Look at the three major advantages of computer spring machine:

1, the production of special-shaped spring capacity
Because the multi-axis computer spring has the characteristics of free hand and line transfer function, which determines the production advantages of helical springs and linear products, because there are many multi-angle long or convoluted products than small products, the cam spring machine has no way of forming.
The automatic spring machine can give full play to the characteristics of its manipulator moving left and right in China, turning the line 320 degrees, and the arms are freely arranged. With an appropriate auxiliary teaching tool, it can make the spring that the traditional cam machine cannot form at one time. One-time molding can be done easily, and we do not leave scratches by ourselves, which is the core technical advantage of an automatic spring machine.

2. The number of servo motor shafts is large
10 is the spring crankshaft, or the axis 12, according to the customer's request, the axis 10 can be applied to the axis 11, while other domestic models, usually the axis 2, the axis 3, the axis 4, the axis 6, the axis 8, the number of the axis varies Numerous machines, his considerable degree of intelligence improvement, make spring debugging easier to use, and multi-axis machinery is the development trend of spring.

3. Easy to use and debug
The convenience of debugging is also one of the advantages. The computer spring machine does not need a row of cams. Each servo motor is independently controlled by a computer. Each mechanical arm can be adjusted at will without the risk of hitting the knife. The stroke of the arm can be freely set according to the actual needs, and the speed is also effectively improved, which is more suitable for some manufacturers with a large variety of springs.

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