What are the structures of the CNC compression spring machine?

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At this stage, the technical and professional spring coil forming industrial equipment is collectively referred to as compression spring machine. According to the structure and forming characteristics of the spring, it can be divided into compression spring machine and spring all-round spring coiling machine; compression spring machine has experienced mechanical, automatic assembly line and The history of the development of full automation of computers has greatly improved the efficiency of roll forming. Compression spring machine is a general term for spring coil forming industrial equipment. It is mainly used to produce spring mechanical equipment for manufacturing compression springs. According to the development trend, historical time and drive method, it can be divided into automatic positioning type, automatic type, numerical control type and full computer operation. Different types of styles.


The structural characteristics of the CNC compression spring machine. At present, the CNC compression spring machine is used, and its key characteristics are high forming efficiency, high accuracy, and convenient and simple actual operation. The compression spring machine is usually composed of a part of the server, an automatic control system, a motor power unit, auxiliary equipment and attached machinery and equipment. An important part of the automatic control system is the automatic control system, from the initial development trend of household appliances to the current stage of electromechanical The CNC compression spring machine operated by the integrated engineering light can also be called the computer compression spring machine.


The key to the automatic control system of the CNC spring press machine is the data bus, CPU, switching power supply, memory (ic card), control panel, display screen, position control module, programmable programmable controller, logical operation module and statistical data The organic chemistry unit composed of input/output sockets; part of the server adopts carbon steel control panel, which improves the compressive strength and rigidity of the supporting points in the operation of mechanical equipment, and the transmission gear adopts an automatic closed transmission system and lubrication. The precision of the computer compression spring machine operation has been greatly improved, and the work efficiency has also been greatly improved.


The forming function of CNC compression spring machine. The key point of the CNC compression spring machine used at this stage is the drive operation of the multi-axis servo motor. From the initial two-axis development trend to the current six-axis or large-axis servo motor servo motor control, the spring forming work is improved. Effectiveness, reducing the difficulty of adjusting equipment and reducing the time for adjusting mechanical equipment.


The computerized compression spring machine maintains the drive operation of the wire feed shaft, the engine camshaft, the hob and the pitch shaft according to the stable computer operation computer operating system such as Jingwei 620 computer and the Yitu computer, and performs the actual command posture. The characteristics of spring forming in 1 minute can maintain different break forming methods such as straight cut, half cut, swing cut and rotary cutting machine. In addition, the computer operating system can be embedded with the function of ultra-clear shooting and lengthening. Only the relevant main parameters must be entered, and the actual spring image can be displayed on the monitor. If you want to reduce the dimensional tolerance, improve the accuracy of the spring, Configurable length inspection machine (instrument). The key of the CNC compression spring machine is suitable for various types of compression spring forming, such as up and down rotating cylindrical spring, double single spire spring, middle concave-convex spring and so on.

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