What are the solutions to the failure of the spring machine?

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Reasonably increase productivity. At this stage, many spring manufacturers choose to purchase spring machines. However, for customers who use spring machine manufacturers for the first time, they sometimes encounter some common problems during the whole process of installing equipment. How to deal with problems encountered during the whole installation process?

Restart the next day after installation and enter the payment password again
This will be a problem of padlocking the computer operating system password. At this time, you can establish contact with the spring machine manufacturer and get the power-on password.

The system software alarm message content appears when the spring machine is turned on and calibrated
The first 30 minutes of starting the machine produces a situation that cannot be calibrated. Such things usually occur in the winter when the ambient temperature is too low, causing the car oil inside the casing to condense or increase the viscosity, which may cause the spring machine to operate obstructed. Most spring machines use imported AC servo motors. The ambient temperature is specified as 0-40°C without condensation. When the machine is turned on and off for 30 minutes, after the shell is heated, this situation will naturally disappear. For such things, the ambient temperature of the production workshop can be improved or the oil can be changed.



The system software of the spring machine fails:
There are many factors that lead to such things: ①Is the switching power supply not so good ②The servo motor and the response related power circuit problems ③The sequence of spring processing is not very good ④Communication with the AC servo motor control board and related power circuit problems ⑤ Problems with various control wire electrode connecting wires and terminal blocks. The left and right are all the elements of the future. In fact, it is necessary to carry out a detailed inspection of the machinery and equipment to be able to check whether the switching power supply, the route and the junction are abnormal, and it can be corrected immediately.
The left and right categories are common problems in the whole installation process of spring machines. If the reasons and treatment process mentioned are compared, they can be dealt with reasonably, or the spring machine manufacturers can provide after-sales service assistance. The soundness of Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd After-sales maintenance service can prevent many common failures and problems of machinery and equipment, and can provide customers with several high-quality spring machine machinery and equipment, and provide customers with sound after-sales service maintenance guarantees!