What are the safety features of the spring machine?

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Spring machine generally refers to the mechanical equipment for spring production, which has been developed into automatic type and numerical control type. According to the functional characteristics, it can be divided into spring compressor, spring tension machine, universal machine, circular machine, etc. The spring machine is easy to operate, high in production efficiency and widely used. The spring machine is generally composed of a main engine, a control system, a motor power unit, an auxiliary device and auxiliary equipment. Among them, the key is the control system, which has developed from the mechanical control of electrical appliances to the numerical control computer spring machinery of mechatronics.

The spring machine replaces most parts of the camshaft machine, saving a lot of assembly time. The spring machine has the function of routing, which can turn the special-shaped spring to the angle required by the spring during processing, so that the angle of view of the spring can be replaced by the camshaft, which reduces the time for machine adjustment and the shortage of CNC blades. Let's take a look at the safety features of the spring machine.

1. The transmission motor of the spring machine has a brake pedal. When the power is off, the brake motor has the function of holding the wheel for maintenance, so as to avoid unnecessary losses to the enterprise caused by misoperation.
2. The arm motor without a camshaft is equipped with a brake pedal (the arm/conveyor line is equipped with a motor), which can be maintained even when the power is off, avoiding knife collision and injury, and has a stronger safety factor.
3. The automatic wire feeder disconnects the alarm function, and the abnormal alarm can be eliminated immediately on the computer, making the actual operation simpler and safer.
4. The device has a double-color foldable alarm light for abnormal phenomena, prompting the operator to solve them in a short time, thereby improving the productivity and quality of goods.
5. The safety reminder function of the upper and lower all-aluminum home opening and closing has passed CE verification, and the safety production is more guaranteed. The total number of rotating shafts is the key embodiment of spring machine technology. The more the number of rotating shafts of mechanical equipment, the higher the level of automatic technology that can be maintained. In actual operation, spring compression springs are often simpler and faster, and the replacement of spring specifications is more accurate and convenient. These are the reasons why the multi-axis camshaft spring machine is widely and warmly welcomed at present.

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