What are the related introductions of computer spring coiling machine?

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How many masters are there for computer coil spring machines? How is it made? When the spring material goes through the straightening organization and the feeding organization, and encounters the groove developed at the front end of the ejector rod, it drives the spring material to bend and deform, and the spring coil is wound into three friction points against the material. For the single ejector spring coiling machine, the three friction points are the tangent points between the spring material and the transmission line plate, journal, and ejector rod; for the double ejector spring coiling machine, the three friction points are the spring material and the power transmission. Line board, the tangent point where two curve graph gauges touch.

During the whole process of bending the spring material into a circle, the stainless steel wire will touch the slope of the pitch block. When the variable pitch organization of the spring coiling machine moves the pitch block along the centerline of the spring winding shape, it becomes the pitch diameter of the spiral compression spring. When producing helical compression springs (supporting plate rings) or helical tension springs, the pitch block is retracted to the back. When the spring is wound, the next coil is formed by relying on the previous coil. When a spring is rolled, the feeding organization stops feeding, and the cutting knife control device drives the cutting knife to disconnect the spring. Such reciprocating operation maintains the fully automatic forming of the spring. Under the manipulation of the spring's straight warp and variable organization, the curve graph gauge can exercise back and forth, left and right, to adjust the straight warp of the spring or produce variable-diameter compression springs. When rolling a reduced-diameter compression spring, be sure to apply the opposite reduced-diameter camshaft.



Along with the continuous stacking of the spring material into a coil, the variable diameter camshaft also rotates relatively. It can be seen from the principle of the spring coiling machine: the advantage of the single ejector spring coiling machine is that it only needs to adjust a curve graph, it takes less time to adjust the CNC lathe when replacing the spring type, and it can produce higher The spiral tension spring with initial ground stress looks more convenient when replacing the upper and lower spiral springs; the advantage of the double ejector spring coiling machine is that the journal does not become a friction point of the formed coil, only the stainless steel wire is disconnected Therefore, it is no longer necessary to replace the journal frequently when producing springs with different straight lengths. In addition, the center angle of the matching three friction points of the double ejector spring coiling machine is also larger than that of the single ejector. Therefore, it is more convenient and stable to wind a larger spring. However, the double ejector spring coiling machine is very inconvenient when the upper and lower coil springs are replaced, and all the organizations with variable diameters must be modified. The factors that endanger the quality of computer spring coiling machines are various aspects, such as the compressive strength, elongation, elastic mold, yield ratio, specification accuracy and surface condition of the material, the precision of mechanical equipment, auxiliary software and iron wire. Touch part of the friction, the accuracy of the length of the feed and its winding rate, and the technical strength of the operator.

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