What are the reasons for the abnormal return of the camshaft of the computer spring machine?

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First, the position of the sensor switch is too close (the distance is too close to be easily injured), causing the switch to be always bright;
Second, the position of the inductive switch is too far away (the distance is too far to affect the sensitivity), and the signal is not sensed;
Third, the sensor switch is faulty (quality problem), always bright or often not bright.
The solution adopted in the above situation: First, re-install the sensor switch, rotate the camshaft of the spring machine to the high position of the screw, then load the sensor switch, and then touch the screw position and then reverse the sensor switch by 2 wire ports. Yes; second, if the sensor switch is a quality problem, replace the beginning.
What are the phenomena that cause the spring valve to malfunction? How to eliminate it?
The failure phenomenon of the spring machine safety valve mainly includes the following situations: 1. The safety valve cannot be normally switched; 2. The safety valve cannot be opened as usual; 3. The valve has air leakage, no elastic force or the sealing surface is not strict. Measures taken in response to these phenomena: 1. Always check the adjustment or replacement of the spring, clean the surface of the dirt, such as air leakage grinding or replacement (calibration according to technical standards); 2, using inspection calibration and disassembly calibration according to the instructions Troubleshoot.

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