What are the parameters of the compression spring machine?

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1. The compression spring machine uses a four-axis precision computer to control the wire feed shaft. The main engine camshaft, the rotating mandrel, and the reel shaft (optional parts) can be single-turned or linked.
2. The computer control of the compression spring machine uses the industrial special-purpose control chip manufactured in Japan and the Benteng central processing unit for parallel processing.
3. The spindle bearing is a continuous transportation method, which is very suitable for the application of the 8-station elastic forming machine with the driver.
4. Compression spring machine is suitable for producing right-handed and left-handed, double torsion springs, straight type, rectangular frame, cable forming, steel coil spring, and various pattern springs, special-shaped springs, tension (compression) spring yellow ; And its conical, cylindrical, convex, concave shapes, torsion springs, etc.
5. Color display on the 14-inch LCD screen of the compression spring machine. Meixian Environmental Protection.
6. Compression spring machine Classic computer operating system in Taiwan, China.
7. The pressure spring machine displays information in Chinese, and the programming is simple and visualized.
8. Four sets of cylinders and probes for compression spring machine.
9. The handle of the compression spring machine has a church function and is convenient to use.
10. The hardware of the compression spring machine is equipped with tool radius compensation, which is as high-precision and reliable as the speed.
11. Production and processing of grinding gears for the entire transmission gear of the compression spring machine.
12. A complete set of fixtures for the compression spring machine, and the camshaft notes are freely included.


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