What are the operating methods of the spring machine?

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I firmly believe that everyone knows that the spring machine on the computer is often used for the production and processing of the inner hole of the spring, and the spring steel is molded according to the spring steel of the compression spring machine. If the two surfaces are not parallel, the spring cannot meet the demand. Let's take a look at the operation method of the spring machine on the computer.

One: Before applying the spring machine on the computer, it is necessary to check the machine equipment and the surrounding environment to ensure that every structure of the machine equipment is normal and can be used in all normal operations to ensure that the safety of the application scene is improved, and there will be no security risks and Substandard application standards.

Two: In the whole process of applying the spring machine on the computer, not only the motor and the roller bearing should be used, especially when the temperature of the two parts should be paid attention to. When the temperature of the motor exceeds 65°C, the temperature of the roller bearing exceeds 70°C. It must be shut down immediately for inspection.

Three: The actual operation of the spring machine on the computer should be carried out in strict accordance with the standard and safe operation procedures, and the basic guarantee of the safety of the machine and equipment should be ensured by the appropriate actual operation, and attention should be paid to the rapid shutdown of the machine and equipment when an abnormality is found. Inspection, the actual operation can only be carried out again after the abnormality of the machine and equipment is cleared. According to the diameter of the spring steel, the rotation speed should be adjusted. The larger the diameter of the spring steel, the slower the rotation speed. If you open the spring machine for the first time, you should open the cover of the oil feed point of the electromagnetic speed control motor to prevent the steam from swelling and leaking. Speaking of spring machines for CNC machine tools, you probably don't have a good grasp of them. But now more and more CNC machine tools have just begun to appear on the market. The CNC machine tool spring machine can be divided into five parts: straightening mechanism, feeding mechanism, reducing mechanism, pitch control mechanism, and disconnecting mechanism.

Let's discuss it in practice below.

1. Straightening organization:
The straightening mechanism is located between the material rack and the feeding roller. It is composed of 2 sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the straightening system software is to remove the original bending deformation of the stainless steel wire. After straightening, it can be straightened. It is easy to improve the precision of the coil spring when it comes to the formed mechanical equipment.

2. Feeding mechanism:
The feeding mechanism is a device that relies on a pair or two pairs of feeding wheels to clamp the stainless steel wire, and the rotation of the feeding wheel pushes the stainless steel wire forward in parallel. The transmission gear on the feed shaft tenon of the fan-shaped incomplete transmission gear is selected to carry out. The speed ratio of the upper and lower rollers is the same, but the rotation direction is reversed. The feeding wheel rotates once, and the length of the feeding wheel is the diameter of the feeding wheel. The length of the spring can be determined by the number of turns of the feeding wheel. The number of teeth of the fan-shaped incomplete transmission gear is the number of turns to control the feeding wheel (actually refer to the coefficient table).

3. Reducing mechanism:
The diameter reducing mechanism refers to the operating mechanism of the spring diameter when the rewinding machine springs. It is composed of two small chains and a reducing camshaft with a small driver chain. When manufacturing a cylindrical spring, the spring wire will not change. Adjust the two small chains to the opposite position, which conforms to the outer warp specifications of the spring, and then fix the two small chains without changing. When manufacturing variable diameter springs, such as the center convex, truncated cone spring, and the top bar, the front, rear, left, and right anchor bolts are loosened, and the small chain is retracted back and forth in the tool table to change the spring's outer warp. According to the reducing cam The small chain of shaft drive can produce various reducing springs.

4. Pitch change mechanism:
The pitch changing mechanism is a mechanism for manipulating the pitch of the spring. The machine has two mechanisms: (1), it is composed of a pitch knife and a variable camshaft. The variable camshaft is a reasonable number of turns of the operating spring. The height-width ratio of the spring is adjusted by the anchor bolts under the pitch cutter (2). The crankshaft of the camshaft drive system enables the pitch cutter to be released from the inside of the equipment. Spring.

5. Disconnect mechanism:
The breaking mechanism is after the rewinding machine is formed, the breaking of the stainless steel wire is the last production and processing position of the spring machine, and the disconnection is carried out according to the knife and the core.