What are the methods to ensure the normal operation of the spring machine?

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The normal operation of the spring machine is necessary for our daily management work, because the normal operation mode of the equipment guarantees our work and learning efficiency data, and guarantees our products, which can have a direct relationship with the operation quality equipment we developed. If it is not working properly, it will definitely affect the quality of the product and cause it. Then this is how we will ensure the normal operation of the spring machine?

1. When we start the machine, we need to execute the operation strictly according to the procedure. Before the computer spring machine leaves the factory, we must continuously improve the study and research status, analyze the problem, conduct various safety inspections and debugging work, and the user needs to debug the machine before using it. Fasteners to prevent loosening, falling or out-of-position problems during use, resulting in damage.

2. Loosen the wire feeder as much as possible during the long-term shutdown.. Because the spring pressure closes the assembly line on the long wheel, it may cause bearing damage or deformation slightly reel, resulting in late starter which can lead to unstable wire feed accuracy . In addition, if the belt is pressed for too long, the diameter of the wire may be deformed, the mandrel may be blocked or the next time the Cass is turned on, the accuracy of the fastener may be affected.

3. The technician should supervise the debugging and the process of the technician as much as possible. When the apprentice adjusts the state machinery, the master should be present to reduce or avoid unnecessary accidents. In addition, after debugging the product apprentice, the host must be checked.

4. During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to touch the control panel of the spring machine. When operating computer springs, we can prohibit the use of hands to touch the panel of the spring machine, so as not to affect the operation of the machine parts and cause harm to the lives of our students.

5. In order to control the downward direction of the processed product.. The free-falling body must be controlled through the design of the spring product, otherwise it will be stuck in the tool holder and other parts, causing unnecessary collision or conflict with commercial tools.

6. When organizing products, we must improve our students' ability to perform shutdown operations through the management system. In the daily management of work, if it is found that NC springs are abnormal in the corporate market, they must be stopped, so as to formulate adjustments and corrective operations and analyze them, so as to avoid the risk of accidents..

7. When the computer spring fails, professional and technical personnel can analyze and maintain it. When the spring machine is damaged or malfunctioning, it should have been inspected and corrected professionally; repairs and repairs should be undertaken by the maintenance personnel. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the machine without problems for professional information network technology enterprise management staff to avoid secondary harm.

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