What are the methods to control the spring shape of the spring machine?

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All kinds of products may have various shapes. Due to the use of various shapes, they are different, and there are also areas where they are used. They are all different. The spring machines are all the same, so the spring machine What are the ways to manipulate the yellow shape of the bullet after tuning?

Method of controlling spring shape of spring machine

(1) Pre-tensioning load: The pre-tensioning load determines the material and wire diameter of the spring, and the size of the adhesion part can be adjusted for the length of the pre-tensioning.

(2) The outer diameter of the journal: The inner diameter of the torsion spring is determined according to the size of the journal, but the change of the spring body after the change needs to be considered, so an appropriate margin must be pre-embedded.

(3) The starting and ending station of the operation: the angle of view between the torsion bar and the supporting point when it is not doing work, the length and method of the torsion bar can be clearly specified and the angle of view with the supporting point bar.

(4) Activity schedule and load: The design plan of tightening the elasticity requires a clear understanding of the parts to be operated and the elasticity required to bear the load. Determine the required elasticity by determining the position, and then determine the material, wire diameter, and number of turns.

(5) Installation of indoor space: It is necessary to clearly understand the design plan of a shrinking bullet, and it is necessary to install the indoor space of the bullet to reasonably control the essence of the shrinking bullet. The manufacturing standards, diameter, inner diameter, and self-sufficient length.

(6) Change the support point: There must be a point when the torsion spring does work. This point can determine the length and method of the torsion bar.

(7) The inner diameter of the installation space: If you change the installation of the spring yellow and adopt the recessed type, you need to consider the recessed indoor space. The indoor space determines the diameter of the spring body, the length of the spring, and the number of turns.

(8) Environmental factors: The elasticity flowing in different natural environments will be affected by environmental factors, which will affect the service life of the application. Therefore, the designer must consider the change of working temperature and environmental humidity. Temperature affects the elasticity. The service life of the product is very important, and the environmental humidity is very easy to cause air oxidation due to the yellow elasticity that has not been surface-treated. Therefore, environmental factors can determine whether the shell needs surface treatment and material selection.

(9) Indoor space between the two ends: changing the two ends of the spring will affect the method of the hook and the comfortable length of the tension spring. The indoor space can determine the specifications and diameter of the close part.


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