What are the methods for disassembling the parts of the spring machine?

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When using the spring machine, we must disassemble, inspect and repair the spring machine to ensure the service life of the spring machine. Let's take a look at the method of disassembling the parts of the spring machine.

(1) Interference connector
When disassembling the interference parts, the appropriate disassembly tools and methods should be selected according to the matching size of the parts and the amount of interference. Depending on the degree of tightness from loose to tight, use wooden hammer, copper rod, hand hammer or sledgehammer, puller, etc. to disassemble in turn. If the interference is too large or to protect the mating surface, the contained part can be heated or the contained part can be cooled and then quickly pressed out. No matter what method is used for disassembly, check whether there are additional fixing or positioning devices such as positioning pins, screws, etc., if any, they must be removed first. The place where the force is applied must be correct, the force must be uniform, and the direction must be correct.

(2) Disassembly of rolling bearings
When disassembling the spring machine rolling bearing, in addition to the removal points of the interference connector, it should also be noted that the rolling elements should not be used to transmit force as much as possible; when disassembling the bearing at the end of the shaft, a copper rod or soft metal or wooden rod smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing can be used to resist At the end of the shaft, place a shim under the bearing and strike it with a hammer.

(3) Disassembly of non-detachable connection
Welding parts can be disassembled by sawing, flat chisel cutting, small drills to drill a row of holes and then chiseling or sawing, and gas cutting. The riveting parts can be removed by chiseling, sawing, gas cutting the rivet head, or drilling the rivet with a drill. Disassembly mainly refers to the disassembly of the spring machine connector. In addition to the above rules, the method of disassembly should also be mastered.

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