What are the inspection methods for the common faults of the compression spring machine wire rack?

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The compression spring machine is faster and more stable on the computer. It is very easy to design programs on the computer, and the memory capacity of the computer can store 60 kinds of yellow programs. In addition, the computer has a memory function, which is convenient for typing, and has a fully automatic air intake system to ensure long-term operation of the machinery and equipment.

The following introduces the inspection methods for common faults of the wire frame of the compression spring machine:
1. Turn off the power of the compression spring machine and open the wire frame door. Most wireframe power circuits are installed next to the door. Double-check for loose terminals that are causing loose wiring. If yes, tighten the set screw.

2. The problem still exists. Please open the tin can in which the pole is installed (the old wire rack is square, the latest one is oval), you can see that there are two square plastic photoelectric induction limit switches inside. Among them, the left side is the light switch, and the right side is the tangled wire alarm switch. There is a green light on the switch, indicating that the switch has magnetically induced a ferrous object. Under all normal conditions, the light on the tangle alarm switch is off. If the light is on, it may be the magnetic induction of the switch to the iron can, please adjust the switch position. The best position is: when everything is normal, the light is off, but when the utility pole is pulled to the larger part on the right, the sensor light is on, and the switch will not be touched.

3. The problem still exists. Please open the wireframe door and you can see a row of automotive relays (square, clear plastic enclosure with power circuits inside) next to the door. The old model has 4 wire stands, the newest model has 3, counting from left to right. The second is a wire-wrapped car relay. Take it out, clean out the eight power pins on it, and plug it in as before. If it doesn't work, replace it with a car relay.

4. If the problem still exists, there is a power transformer in the wire frame near the door (the outer casing is a circular lattice milky white iron sheet), and there is a small emerald light on it. Plug it in and see if the light is on. If so, use a multimeter to accurately measure the operating voltage on the V- and V+ pins. Note that this is AC voltage. Is there 24v? If not, press the power transformer. Now the development trend of the compression spring machine is automatic control type and CNC machine tool type; the difference between these two types is the drive, the first type is fully automatic, and the latter is fully automatic. It consists of two most important parts;

5. The host includes the actual operation control panel, shell, tool rest (commonly known as mechanical arm), feeding mechanism and its hydraulic press and other components. Its main function is to produce and process various spring cables. All the characteristics, main parameters and instructions of the compression spring machine are based on its input and output, which is equivalent to the human brain.

6. At this stage, all spring machines are divided into mechanical electrical control system equipment and CNC machine tool controller equipment. Today, the sales market is gradually replacing the mechanical spring press, and the CNC machine tool spring press has become the development trend. It consists of a host computer, a set of controller system software on a computer, and a part of an AC servo motor. It is a yellowish mechanical device integrating electromechanical engineering and optics. A controller on the computer can manipulate two or more axes of motion to facilitate related motion. Modular, precision adding various springs, making it an ideal product with high efficiency and high precision.