What are the functions of the small spring machine?

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The spring machine is currently a very efficient spring processing automation equipment, but many users are not clear about the principle of spring machining. In order to make everyone better use the spring machine equipment, let's take a look at the functions of the small spring machine together.

The function of the small spring machine:

1. The machine has no cams, no rocker arms, and the mandrel adopts standardized design and installation is simple and fast. It greatly shortens the debugging and installation time of the tool post, reduces the strength of the adjustment machine, further shortens the overall debugging time of the product, and lowers the threshold of debugging technology;

2. It has the advantages of the traditional eight-station machine and a set of free hands, which can play up and down, left and right, and freely. It can make the production of difficult springs easier, faster and more accurate;

3. It adopts imported servo and imported precision planetary reducer to drive, and the operation accuracy is up to European standards;

4. Using standardized guide rail design, each arm can maintain high precision and stability, reducing equipment maintenance costs;

5. The small spring machine has a new connecting rod adjustment design, which is very convenient and quick to debug. The outer guide rail has good rigidity, accurate and stable movement, no collision and heat generation!

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