What are the factors that do not display on the spring machine screen?

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1. Display failure
If the above analysis is not established, check whether the display of the power signal light in the lower right corner of the display is normal under working conditions. If it is light yellow or not displayed, the display itself may be faulty.
2. Normal range
The machine stops working after 5 minutes of normal operation. This is the normal condition of the machine. Press any key on the keyboard to resume.
3. Signal problem
If the power indicator (green) on the display keeps flashing, check if the signal cable connector (the board inserted in the second slot of the electric control box) is loose on the display; and observe the power plug P8P9 on the bottom plate of the chassis. Whether the four red indicators are lit normally. If not, remove the P8.P9 power supply plugs and reinsert them. If they are still not available, check if the DC voltage (voltage on P8.P9) output to the backplane is normal. The red line on the two lines is 5V, the black line is 0V, and the yellow line is 12V. If the above are normal, there may be damage to the graphics card.
4. Circuit problems
If the power indicator on the display is not high, it indicates that the monitor is not powered normally. You can use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage input from the relay (OUT-0) is normal.

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