What are the disassembly and assembly details of the computer spring machine?

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With this type of spring machine, all the actual operations have become more and more flexible, saving a lot of human capital. However, in practice, its parts often have difficulties, and at this time, disassembly must be carried out. Because of the complicated structure, it is necessary to understand the key points of each part of the disassembly.
1. Interference connector. The spring processing machinery and equipment manufacturer introduces in detail the disassembly of the interference parts of the computer spring machine. According to the tolerance of the parts and the size of the interference, the appropriate special tools and methods for disassembly should be selected. Depending on the level of tightness from loose to tight, dismantle with a mallet, copper rod, hand or large hammer, puller, etc. successively. Excessive interference or maintenance of the mating surface can be warmed tolerant parts or water cooled tolerated parts and then quickly pressed out. No matter which method is used for disassembly, you must check whether there are positioning pins, screws and other additional fixed or positioning equipment. If it is necessary to remove it first, the force application position should be appropriate, the pressure should be well-proportioned, and the orientation must be accurate.
2. Disassembly of roller bearings. When disassembling the roller bearing of the spring machine, in addition to carrying out the key points of disassembly of the interference connector, it should also be noted that there is no need to transfer the force of the turning body as much as possible. The soft metal material and wooden stick are pressed against the bearing end cover, and the pad is placed under the rolling bearing, and then hit with a hammer.
3. Disassembly that cannot be disassembled. Spring processing machinery and equipment manufacturers detail that the disassembly of weldments can be done by sawing, flat chisel laser cutting, small twist drills after drilling a row of holes, and then chiseling or sawing, and its oxygen cutting. The disassembly of riveted parts can be chiseled off, sawed off, oxygen-cut bolt heads or bolts drilled with twist drills, etc. The key to dismantling computer spring machines refers to the disassembly of connecting parts, in addition to following the standards, you should also master.



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