What are the differences between spring machines with different shaft numbers?

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With the continuous changes in the production and processing requirements of yellowish commodities, the spring machine equipment is also continuously improved, so the spring machine on the sales market is also slowly developing toward the orientation of four-axis, five-axis, six-axis, and multi-axis. What are the characteristics of spring machines with the same number of shafts?
Before grasping the difference in the number of different shafts of the spring machine equipment, Jinding Machinery first gave everyone an overview of the "shaft" in the spring machine. The "shaft" means that the connecting gears between the members of the support point are driven by the AC servo. When the motor is used to drive the cooperative equipment, the number of axes will jeopardize the precision of the spring machine equipment, the actual effect of forming and the high efficiency of production and processing.

Three-axis spring machine: Most of the previous spring machine equipment was dominated by three axes, that is, the wire feed shaft, cam shaft and rotating core shaft, and the relative relativity of the forming effect was limited. , Which is a part of using an independent AC servo motor to control the feeding line. The eight cams on the control panel are all controlled by an AC servo motor driver. Each corner knife only forms a corner in a single plan. The relative relativity of the forming function is limited, and The cam position must be adjusted manually, which is complicated.
Five-axis spring machine: It is basically the development trend of the three-axis spring machine. Most of the conditions are similar to the three-axis spring machine. However, the original three-axis basically improves the rotating shaft and the crankshaft of the winding engine, which can make the spring Each corner knife of the machine equipment is not subject to a single plan view, and can form a three-dimensional corner, which has a strong forming effect and can maintain more complicated forming.
Multi-axis camless spring machine: It is a very good spring machine equipment at the current stage. Compared with the two types of spring machines, each cam on the control panel is controlled by a separate AC servo motor driver, making the equipment adjustment easier . And each knife can maintain the victory and defeat of arbitrary stroke arrangement and arbitrary speed according to the program. A large number of shafts make the forming function more flexible and stronger. It can consider various spring processing requirements at the current stage, and it is high in production. The efficiency has been greatly improved.



The difference in the number of shafts of the spring machine not only has a great harm to the production and processing and the high efficiency of production and processing, but also the difference in this application will be reflected in the price. The price of the multi-axis camless spring machine is relatively higher, so the company is buying Spring machine equipment should be effectively selected according to its own requirements. At this stage, Dongguan Jinding Machinery CNC Machine Tool can present a variety of spring machine equipment, considering the spring processing requirements of different industries!


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