What are the differences between spring machines with different numbers of axes?

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The demand for spring products is constantly updated, and the spring machine equipment also needs to be continuously improved. Now the spring machine market is gradually moving towards multi-axis, so what is the difference between spring machines with different axes? The following is Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd. related content

1. Before understanding the difference in the number of different axes of the spring machine tool, Yonglian CNC system first briefly introduced the "axis" in the spring machine tool, the "axis" represents the connection transmission between the supporting parts, and the servo motor drives the linkage to work , the number of axes will affect the precision, forming effect and processing efficiency of the spring machine tool.

2. Three-axis spring machine: The conventional three-axis spring machine equipment, mainly, gives the rotation of the wire shaft and the camshaft mandrel, forming a relatively limited function. A single servo motor is used to control the feeding part, and the 8 cams on the panel are controlled internally by the servo motor. Each student-angle folding knife can only shape the folding angle on such a Chinese plane. The research on the forming function is relatively limited, and the phase of the cam needs to be Manual adjustment, debugging is more complicated.

3. Axle spring machine: The machine is combined with three axles on the basis of continuous development, and is similar to the three axle springs in most cases, but in turn increases the volume of the spool and crank on the basis of the original three The design of the spring mechanism of the shaft, which allows students to make joints in each state machine learning tool is not limited to a single plane, it can be a three-dimensional structural shape of the knuckle, which can form itself a no strong function can be more complex shape.

4. Multi-axis machine without cam spring: This is a spring machine with a very advanced equipment of our enterprise, two or more springs than the one that can be selected first, are controlled by independent panels of each cam servo system motor , making the device easier to lead to debugging. And each knife can be programmed to achieve any stroke and any advance and retreat speed. More shafts have more flexible forming functions and more powerful forming functions, which can meet the current needs of various spring processing in my country, and have achieved high processing efficiency in social production development. Great improvement.

5. The number of different springs is not only greatly affected by the forming technology and processing efficiency, but also reflected in the market price. The price of multi-axis camless springs is relatively high, so enterprises can make reasonable choices according to their own needs when purchasing spring machine equipment.

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