What are the daily maintenance characteristics of the rotating part of the CNC spring machine?

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1. Turn off the power supply of the CNC spring machine and wait for five minutes to let the circulating oil flow back to the oil storage tank. Find an oil pan, put it under the lubrication pump, and slowly pry open the oil plug to allow oil to flow into the oil pan. (Note: Do not remove the oil plug immediately to prevent oil from rushing out of the oil pan to the ground.) Place the support bracket under the oil pan.
2. Loosen the lubricating pump fixing screw, remove the lubricating pump, loosen the screw above the oil storage tank, remove the oil storage tank and clean it.
There are a few things to note about this operation:
(1) Place the support frame at the same height below the oil storage tank to avoid accidents such as accidental release of the lubrication pump during disassembly and assembly.
(2) When disassembling the lubrication pump, please pay attention to the power supply circuit of the oil supply motor. Do not pull hard or try to unplug the cord.
3. Clean the filter at the suction port to remove the impurities attached to the filter.
4. Clean the oil return filter to remove the impurities attached to the filter screen. Note the following:
(1) Wipe the parts and wipe them. Please install after confirming that there is no foreign matter attached.
(2) Always pay attention to the oil level of the oil storage tank. Do not let the oil level get too low and cause poor lubrication.
5. Open the oil filling cap of the oil storage tank, add circulating oil to make the oil level of the oil storage tank reach the MAX position, cover and tighten the oil filling cap of the oil storage tank, install the oil return pipe, keep the machine running for five minutes after starting, and let the machine be fully lubricated.