What are the common problems of compression spring machine?

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Compared with the basic compression spring machine equipment, this device has an operation control panel with human-computer interaction technology, which can more conveniently control the compression spring machine. Problems in the equipment will also be displayed on the interface. The following is a preparation method for common problems about the compression spring machine in advance:

1. The screen prompts the disconnection alarm on the computer;
This kind of situation is generally a problem with the wire feeding frame of the spring compression machine. The common problem of the spring compression machine is to check whether the wire feeding frame is turned on or calibrated. If the wire feeding frame is not connected to disconnect the alarm system, please plug it in. EINO (disconnected port number) on the line board is connected to GND. It is also necessary to check whether the 24V output of the switching power supply of the power switch and the wire feeder is normal, and determine whether everything is normal when connected to the I/O board.

2. The computer screen prompts common faults of the servo control system;
First, find the actual common fault problems, check the servo motor control line connection and the actual code displayed by the controller, and then find out the cause of the alarm according to the servo motor operating instructions, and then give matching treatment based on the actual cause of the alarm Clear. If there is no alarm condition, please check whether the alarm level of the servo motor of the compression spring machine is consistent with the alarm level on the main parameters of the control board system.

3. "Tangling alarm" or "Running alarm" appears on the computer screen;

4. The tangled wire during the whole spring processing should be run. If the wire is not properly handled, the common problem handling methods of the compression spring machine will easily affect the productivity and processing accuracy. At this time, check whether the support rod of the wire feeder is tight. At the alarm position, check whether the cable touches the magnetic induction device that runs, and then make relative adjustments.

5. During the processing of the compression spring machine, a core rotation alarm appears. First, turn off the switch power supply, restart it, and start everything is normal. An alarm appears when returning to zero. Most of these situations are that the core is stuck. So the problem was solved. The solution is to turn off the switch power supply, rotate the core hard, find the stuck part and take it off.

6. When a common failure occurs in the core of the compression spring machine, look at the alarm code on the controller? Able to analyze common faults from the alarm codes on the controller. For example, when the alarm code displayed on the Japanese Sanyo AC servo motor controller is 41, the expression is that the load of the AC servo motor is too heavy, and the problem is solved by looking for the too heavy load. Note: Under normal circumstances, part of the mechanical equipment is stuck.

7. When a common failure occurs when the equipment is switched to the core, if you can't see everything on the controller, it is a common failure of the equipment's switching power supply and a common failure of the controller. Common failures of equipment switching power supply can be detected by checking whether there is a three-phase 200 volt working voltage. If the controller has a common fault and nothing is displayed, it is a part of the controller's switching power supply that has a common fault. At this time, the controller needs to be taken out and handed over to the spring machine manufacturer for repair.

When installing the compression spring machine, the first thing to distinguish is whether the left spring is yellow or the right spring is yellow. The common problem of spring compression machine is that the right spring should be installed on the left, and the left spring should be the opposite.

Use your left hand to hold the bullet yellow with your thumb facing up, and the other fingers that are deflected in the same direction as the rotation of the stainless steel wire is the left bullet yellow, on the contrary, the right bullet yellow. The elasticity of the variable speed spring will make the diesel engine unable to reach the required speed ratio, and the adjustment screw can be used to adjust it.