What are the common problems in the installation process of the wire spring machine?

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Problems in the installation process of wire spring machine:

Restart the next day after installation and re-enter the password:

This may be the problem of the password lock of the computer system. At this time, you can contact the spring machine manufacturer and obtain the power-on password to solve it.

The system alarm message appears when the wire spring machine is turned on and reset:

The phenomenon of non-resetting occurred during the first half hour of booting. This situation usually occurs when the ambient temperature in winter is too low, causing the oil inside the fuselage to solidify or increase the viscosity, which leads to obstacles to the operation of the spring machine. The machine uses imported servo motors. The ambient temperature requirement is 0 ~ 40 ℃ without solidification. When the machine is running for half an hour, this phenomenon will naturally disappear after the body is warmed up. For this situation, you can improve the ambient temperature of the workshop or change the oil!

The system of the wire-spring machine is out of control:

There are many factors causing this situation: ① Whether there is a problem with the power supply ② Circuit problems related to the servo motor encoder and reverberation ③ Problems with the sequential programming of the spring processing ④ Problems with the AC servo control board and related circuits ⑤ Various types of control line connections, There is a problem with the wiring terminal. The above are all possible factors, specifically the need for detailed inspection of the equipment, you can check whether the power supply, lines and connections are abnormal, and correct them in time.