What are the common problems in the installation of computer spring machines?

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The use of computerized spring machines can improve the efficiency of the processing technology of spring manufacturers and improve the quality management requirements of spring products. It is very popular.. However, in the process of installing and using computerized spring machines, we sometimes encounter learning Small size can be a problem. Here are the two main problems we will encounter when installing a computer spring machine:





1. The computer spring system is out of control, "speed" phenomenon. . It can't be presented at will in the host computer (computer controller) of position control, but this is a difficult problem to solve. The reasons for the loss of control of the host computer system are as follows:
The first is the AC servo control board and related circuit problems, the second is the continuous processing of tension springs, the third is the problems of various control wires, wiring terminals, the fourth is the servo motor encoder and echo related circuits, and the last is the power supply. 


2. When POR, we always present an alarm, not reset. Or just by entering the user password, entering the password, in the second technical operation, but also.
The reason why the computer spring machine cannot be reset in the first half hour of winter is obviously related to the temperature of the machine. The spring device of the imported servo motor is selected, and the environment requires 0-40 degrees Celsius without condensation. However, due to the low temperature, the oil inside the fuselage may be relatively viscous, which will hinder the operation. After half an hour, the fuselage will heat up and the problem will naturally disappear. The solution to this problem is to increase the ambient temperature of the workshop or change the oil. Second, if the computer password is locked, you can immediately contact the manufacturer to obtain the password.