What are the characteristics of computer spring machines?

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1. When the wireless, disconnected, and entangled lines are automatically stopped, the automatic acceleration function of the wire frame makes the production easier and more efficient.
2. Mechanical automatic parts are automatically lubricated for oil supply design to ensure long-term operation of the equipment.
3, the computer is Chinese interface, easy to operate, accurate positioning, the computer can control three to eight servo motors, all motors can be operated synchronously or separately.
4. Purchasing computer control system imported from Taiwan and Sanyo servo motor imported from Japan.
5, with precision detection tracking equipment, if there are unqualified products can automatically stop.
6, suitable for the production of double torsion springs, straight springs, pagoda springs, tension springs, rectangular springs, wire forming, steel skin vortex springs, springs and a variety of fancy springs, complex high-profile shaped springs.
7. According to the working condition on the fluorescent screen, the outer diameter angle of the product can be corrected at any time.

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