What are the advantages of camless spring machines?

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The camless spring machine has many advantages. It is developed from the traditional spring machine. Compared with the traditional spring machine, both functions and other aspects have been improved, so let us take a look at the camless spring. Related advantages of the machine:




Since the traditional cam machine is based on the 360° positive and negative rotation of the shaft, it is equipped with a cam plate to control the running track of the sliding seat. The choice of the cam lobe and the position of the exhaust cam are very important, so a lot of time and experience are required. On the contrary, because the non-convex machine tool is innovatively driven by the motor controlled by the numerical control technology system corresponding to a sliding seat, it is more flexible, more time-saving, and easier to cause some operations than the convex machine.


Compared with the highly difficult working spring system, the development of the cam has the advantages that the cam does not have, because every action of the cam is controlled and driven by the cam plate, because the total stroke is 360°. If the product is difficult, it will cause the cam line and the position is not enough. At the same time, on the contrary, the non-convex turbine is directly driven by the electric motor, and the drive can be achieved by any enterprise. Due to the cam productivity, the product does not need to run to 360° on a regular convex turbine week, which saves production time. more efficient.


Summary: The simple cam-free technology for operating system is more convenient and has the advantages of high production management efficiency, which can meet the demand for difficult problems and products. At this stage of development, the most important business management model.

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