What are the advantages and characteristics of camless spring machine?

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Camless CNC spring machine
The camless spring machine is developed from the improvement of the traditional cam machine.
Because the traditional cam machine is based on 360 ° forward and reverse rotation of one axis, it is equipped with cam pieces to control the running track of the carriage. Among them, the selection of the cam piece and the position of the row of cams are very important, which requires a lot of time and work experience. On the contrary, because the camless machine is driven by a CNC motor corresponding to a slide, it is more flexible, time-saving and simpler to operate than the cam machine. Compared with the high difficulty spring, it has the advantage that the cam machine does not have, because each action of the cam machine is controlled and driven by the cam piece, because the total stroke is 360 °. If the product is difficult, it will cause the cam to not line up, not enough position. Conversely, the camless machine is directly driven by the motor, which can achieve whatever you want. The production efficiency does not need a cam to run 360 ° for one week like a traditional cam machine without a cam, which greatly saves production time. higher efficiency.
In summary: the advantages of the camless machine are simple and convenient operation, high production efficiency, and can meet the needs of difficult products. At this stage it is a necessary model for most companies.